It’s a Cliffhanger, Alright… (Continued)

She couldn’t believe her eyes. All she could do was stand there and stare in utter disbelief. The toilet had swallowed her phone whole, and the only thing it left behind was the battery.

She felt lost. Her phone was gone. No longer could she call or text her friends. And gone were the days when she could access Facebook and Twitter (Instagram wasn’t well-known then, if it was even around). She had been deprived of her freedom in just a few short seconds. Her life was over. Whatever would she do? How would she get a new phone with no job? Would she ever see the thousands of pictures she’d taken on her phone again? As long as the large cellular device was swimming in the pitt of the sewage system, these questions would reveal unfortunate results.

She never did find her cell phone; I’m assuming it’s still “swimming with the fishes,” as they generally say. But as she began to realize that it was gone forever, she knew she had to start over. She eventually got a new phone, courtesy of mommy and daddy’s paychecks, and recovered from her loss.


It’s a Cliffhanger, Alright…

My sister was at school when it happened.

Like a typical teenager, she set her cell phone (a big, bulky BlackJack) on the toilet paper dispenser while she went to the bathroom. All was well, until she flushed the toilet.

At the same time the toilet flushed, she got a text message. The phone vibrated so strongly that it vibrated off the toilet paper dispenser and into the toilet.

To be continued…