Living through the Horoscope

I looked at my horoscope today, and it said that I am in denial.

DENIAL. The word echoes through my brain like a knife stabbing multiple times at my flesh, literally getting under my skin and rupturing my insides. Stabbing until I wake from this delusion, open my eyes and realize how wrong I was. Or does it just make me numb, thus leaving more room for denial? I don’t know the answer. Maybe it could go either way, depending on which way I want to go.

I have been looking for answers, hoping to find the right ones. I have been yearning for a sign to direct me down the right path. Turning to my horoscope on a daily basis certainly hasn’t brought me comfort, but it has made an unbelievable amount of sense, for I have an inkling that I am in a severe amount of denial right now, a denial I need to shake myself from. As much as I want to deny it, my horoscope seems to be the sign I have been searching for.

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