The New Year

Last New Year’s Eve seems like yesterday. It’s hard to believe another year has gone by. So many expectations I had, so many hopes and dreams reformed, so many hardaches endured. I anticipated it to be a better year. I anticipated that things would go right. I had finally got over something after three long, upsetting years, and was finally opened to embracing change for the better.

I promised myself I wouldn’t let myself hurt like that ever again. This year broke that promise for me, however. Another failed attempt at something I wished for. But in the words of Elphaba, “Wishing only wounds the heart” (Wicked). That small shred of hope I still hold onto for some awful reason. The painful realization of the fact that I am in denial…

Along with the bad, this year also brought good, wonderful things to my life. College graduation allowed me to start a new chapter. It was time. I was ready to move from the classroom to the workforce. Getting a job helped me discover new passions, passions I hope to keep around for a long time. I made new friends, spent time with my longterm friends, and made wonderful memories with both parties. I grew stronger in my faith, stronger than ever, realizing that it is the most important thing.

I am not at all a perfect person; I am so far from it. This past year helped me to realize that. As I get older, I realize that change is inevitable, regardless of how painful it may be. Realizing this certainly doesn’t make things better. In fact, there are times when it seems impossible to bear. In any case, despite the pain and sadness, everything is going to be OK.

Here’s to a new year filled with uncertainties.


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