The Nose Bleed

I sneezed out sparks of snot and
Blood that sped sporadically from my
Nasal cavity and soaked my shirt with
Tear jerks and coughing rage.

My sneeze snout spat out
Saccharine sackfuls of
Microscopic syllables
and circles of trailing

Snot and blood clot splinters
Snake and salivate down my
Shirt and shower-stain my palms
with ruby spray.

Tissues clatter-clog my
Nose and blood-platter trays are
Served with silver
Spoons and butcher knives.

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  1. Alex Gieseman

     /  August 23, 2012

    Nose bleeds are mostly caused by too much heat. Most of the time it can be remedied by cold compress. .::,”

    Thanks again


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