The Pimple Popper

The Pimple Popper

Popped a pimple,

Picked and pestered,

Squeezed and sizzled

Pus that piped out


Poked and prodded

Poisonous pus with

Hateful lust

that peeped from behind

its oil tree.

The Pimple Popper peered

at the puffy plague

inside the pore

and emptied poisoned contents

into a shot glass.


Glass Portrait


through the mirror

With blood smears

on the wall.

You don’t see

The evidence you leave,

For at last,

Through the broken glass,

You’re free!

No one watches,

No one cares,

Avoid their spiteful stares

And enter if you dare.

Take the risk

You won’t regret

It’s better than you’d expect;

All the horror

Awaits your step.

Come inside,

Come along and

join us in our

Holy song.

And do our dance of

Bubble-gum tricks and

Glitter pearls

and sparkle gems.

Our haunted mess of beer

cans and epic cheers

Shimmers beyond the shattered



I am overwhelmed with glee

As you sleep,

Restless in your dreams,

Away from me.


My insides churn

While you toss and turn,

My brain burns

With the wild pleasure I yearn.


Crave, breathe, and at last,

I’m alone,

Here, I’m happy

In my separate dreams

From yours,

Because now, I can write

My own damn poems.


To hell with what you think

Of me,

Fuck what you believe;

I don’t care, because now,

I’m free,

While you’re asleep,

Wild in your dreams,

At least.


The brain particles twist

In the heavy silence,

Form hot flash stains

On my face,

My body shakes,

My nerves break.


My ears ring,

The choirs sing,

Triumphantly, disturbed;

This high won’t last



You’ll wake soon,

And I’ll shut off this

Dazzling tune,

Recoil and disconnect

All content.

Cat Scratches

Cat Scratches

Color my hands and

Splinter-stain my arms

When we play.

He thrashes

Playfully, Breathless;

Rapid wrestles beneath

My grip.

His claws

Gnaw at the skin

and he nibbles it lightly

into shreds,

Painting new and intricate


Bashful claws slash

beneath silky beds of paws and splash

Cat scratch splatter marks that

Cling to my shattered flesh.

Streams of red streak, trail

like razor blade venom in my


Slit-kissing ink blotches on my


The freshly-brewed cat scratches fade

into rough and scuffed-up scabs,

Braille bumps that spell out

Roller-coaster rage and tremor.